Our expertise and commitment have covered projects and services such as:

  • The carriage and supply of personnel, materials, water and many other elements to the oil industry
  • Providing stand-by and surveying vessels for the construction industry
  • Moving large and heavy structures for the fabrications industry
  • Harbour front and fender repair/replacement
  • Fendering to the subsea industry
  • Mooring of tankers, cruise liners and other vessels
  • Salvage and diving support
  • Laying moorings
  • Deploying large marker/weather buoys
  • Oilrig anchor chain handling
  • Seismic and acoustic equipment testing
  • Providing platform for piling operations
  • Transportation of live fish for the aquaculture industry

If you have any marine service requirements do not hesitate to ask us.  If we are unable to provide a solution directly, we have links with several other suppliers, with whom we can work with to find a means to deliver the desired result.

Our boats and Barges

Albatross – Motorised Flat-Top Barge. Twin screw, 500 hp, up to 100T deck load, 100T potable water capacity
Rosehaugh – Multipurpose / Cargo Boat. 30m x 8m clear deck space, 10T Crane, 10T Winch, facilities for handling oilrig anchor chain, extremely manoeuvrable with twin Voith-Schneider drive
Houton Lass – 19m Landing Craft with 4T crane
Tern – 12m Workboat. 240 hp
Bustler – 10.5m Workboat with capstan winch & "A" Frame
Auk – 14m dedicated Passenger Boat
Skua – 10m Tug/Workboat. 180 hp
Heron – Beaver Workboat. 120 hp
Puffin – Beaver Workboat. 120 hp
Merlin – 11.5m Tug/Workboat. 290 hp
Bowser – Fuel Barge up to 280m3, can pump at 100m3 per hour to oilrig deck level
Condor 3 – 24.5m x 24.5m Flat-Top Barge suitable for heavy crane/plant operations
Other – A range of Flat-Top Barges and smaller Standby Boats are also available

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  MF Marine Service Provider
  supplier to the oil industry
  Carriage and supply of personnel and materials
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